Craft in America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the exploration, preservation and celebration of craft and its impact on our nation’s cultural heritage.

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Watch Industry webclips on weaving in Asheville, the creative economy, Lowell's production line, and quilting

Body Conscious: Southern California Fiber, Aug 23 – Oct 25, 2014
SERVICE, new episode premieres on PBS Nov 2, 2014
SERVICE episode screenings
Crafting the Cocktail exhibit opens Dec 6, 2014
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Watch a 2 minute 40 second preview of SERVICE, premiering on PBS November 2, 2014 (check local listings). View all programs at

Each of the twelve episodes takes you on a journey to the artists, their work, and techniques. View the programs online or purchase DVDs of the Peabody Award-winning series for your home library.
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Couldn’t get to the museum? Can’t wait to see more? Hundreds of examples from established masters and emerging artists are viewable on your computer, right now. Click on a category, lean back, and enjoy the show!
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Why is craft important to us? Why should we care? Throughout history, people have made objects by hand. Each object tells a story— about the person who made it; about the cultural moment in which it was created; about the political mood, community, and cultural forces that inspired it.
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Here, in one place, you’ll find monthly artist lectures and extensive archives – over a thousand books and videos – for serious research or casual study. Plus exhibitions of objects featured in the Craft in America documentaries.
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